Marketing Training

If you want to achieve exceptional success in the promotion of your business & in generating revenue and profits; and if you want to take back control of your business destiny, you MUST have these 5 “U-Needs”

1. The What To Dos…
You may already have them, but you also may not. Or you may have some, but not enough. You’ve simply got to know what to do. This is what most training is based on. It will help you build knowledge, but it can’t help you build skill.

2. The How To Do Its… How you do the whats can make all  the difference in the world. If you do the right things but don’t do them right, you’re likely to get a fraction of the result. Changing 2 words in a headline can bring a 10-fold increase in response. It’s a matter of both knowledge and skill.

3. The RESOURCES to get it done… Some things you can do yourself, others you can’t. We provide the resources to help you apply your new-found knowledge and newly-developed skills, to bring success in whatever kind of marketing and advertising you do.

4. Feedback to make sure you do it right. You’ve heard the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Not true. “Perfect practice makes perfect.” But how do you know if you’re doing it right, without somebody knowledgeable giving you feedback. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and virtually every top athlete has trusted coaches and advisers who keep them doing it right. Shouldn’t you have the same in your business?

5. ACCOUNTABILITY to make sure you actually DO IT. If you yearn for peak performance, you need more than knowledge and skill. You need habit and systems. You need somebody to hold your feet to the fire and make sure you do the things you need to do, and do them on a consistent basis.

Only Ascend Marketing product and programs give you all 5 of these U-Needs. And that is why we can GUARANTEE results like nobody else, anywhere in the marketing world.Take advantage of any of Ascend Marketing’s unique services & empower yourself to achieve remarkable marketing & advertising success…

The Marketing Masters Alliance Join this program and get a constant source for the most up-to-date marketing information. Not just overviews. Always step-by-step, profit-proven, cash generating how-tos for all marketing media and channels.

Principle-Centered Marketing Our FLAGSHIP Program. Nearly 600 businesses have been through this program. Every one of them has had a 200% ROI GUARANTEE. We’ve never had to refund a thin dime, a plugged nickel or a red cent.

Marketing Speaker Jim Ackerman Many people get introduced to the Ascend Suite of marketing training and services when they have company founder and President, Jim Ackerman or one of his team of sensational marketing speakers, present at their event, conference, convention or trade show.

How To Market Your Crap When The Economy Is STILL In The Toilet If you’d like  to dip your toe in the water, Jim Ackerman’s latest book may be the perfect way to start. Now available in the updated Second Edition, Jim is out to “Unclog Your Revenue Stream.” (And you can have Market Your Crap in soft-bound, ebook or audio versions.)

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YouTube VLOG – Good, Bad and  Ugly Ads This is YouTube’s first and only 2-Way Business-building Channel. Here you get to participate by critiquing ads and seeing how your analysis stacks up with ours. You can also submit your own — or others’ — ad examples, for critique by the community of subscribers. Subscribe and like this channel and invite your friends. The more participants, the better the experience for everyone. And it’s all FREE!


The Delta Initiative  Do you want to change whatever sucks in your business or your life in 30 minutes a day, in 120 days or less? This book, Audio CD and Implementation Spreadsheet can help you do it. Anything from making a million to losing 20 lbs. From fixing broken relationships to stopping smoking. Using the unique technology introduced by Jim Ackerman in this program, you can accomplish anything your heart desires. In fact, you don’t even need desire. Just enough “want” to help you take a little bit of action…

Jewelers Marketing Gems We have worked with dozens of jewelers all over the nation. Therefore we have developed a collection of products and services just for them. Find them here.